2nd Duke Grading

Grading for 2nd duke (pre-loved, used, recycled) products...

At CHARCOAL we accept a array of 2nd duke (pre-loved, used, recycled) appurtenances including VINYL, CDs, DVDs and BOOKS.

All 12" annal are professionally bankrupt application our VPI Draft almanac charwoman apparatus and all annal are accustomed new anti-static close sleeves and artificial alien sleeve. All CDs and DVDs are acquiescently bankrupt by hand, and area bare accustomed new cases. All adamantine awning books are artificial protected, admitting these covers may be calmly removed. A added abundant description of the action may be begin by beat on the specific artefact you are absorbed in.

We endeavour to brand all our appurtenances adequately and conservatively. Our items are about graded from ACCEPTABLE to EXCELLENT action and these grades are based on the Goldmine Allocation Scale (Please agenda that the odd almanac may be accessible with a poor awning but in contrarily ACCEPTABLE to EXCELLENT condition. All  second duke annal are accustomed grades for both the awning and the record. Again, bang on the alone account for a abundant description of the action of the product.

Please see the afterward descriptions for added details:


Goldmine Allocation Scale

These are actually absolute in every way. Generally accounted but rarely seen, Excellent should never be acclimated as a brand unless added than one being agrees that the almanac or sleeve absolutely is in this condition. There is no set allotment of the Abreast Excellent amount these can bring; it is best adjourned amid client and seller.

A acceptable description of a NM almanac is “it looks like it aloof came from a retail abundance and it was opened for the aboriginal time.” In added words, it’s about perfect. Abounding dealers won’t use a brand college than this, implying (perhaps correctly) that no almanac or sleeve is anytime absolutely perfect.

NM annal are shiny, with no arresting defects. Writing, stickers or added arrangement cannot arise on the label, nor can any “spindle marks” from addition aggravating to blindly put the almanac on the turntable. Above branch defects additionally charge be absent; a almanac and characterization acutely apprenticed off centermost is not Abreast Mint. If played, it will do so with no apparent noise. (NM annal don’t accept to be “never played”; a almanac acclimated on an accomplished turntable can abide NM afterwards abounding plays if the disc is appropriately cared for.)

NM covers are chargeless of creases, arena abrasion and bond splits of any kind.

NOTE: These are aerial standards, and they are not on a sliding scale. A almanac or sleeve from the 1950s charge accommodated the aforementioned standards as one from the 1990s or 2000s to be Abreast Mint! It’s estimated that no added than 2 to 4 percent of all annal actual from the 1950s and 1960s are absolutely Abreast Mint. This is why they back such aerial prices, alike for added accepted items.


A acceptable description of a VG almanac is “except for a brace accessory things, this would be Abreast Mint.” Best collectors, abnormally those who appetite to comedy their records, will be blessed with a VG record, abnormally if it against the aerial end of the brand (sometimes alleged VG or E ).

VG annal may appearance some slight signs of wear, including ablaze scuffs or actual ablaze scratches that do not affect the alert experience. Slight warps that do not affect the complete are OK. Accessory signs of administration are OK, too, such as admonition marks about the centermost hole, but again arena has not agee the hole. There may be some actual ablaze arena abrasion or discoloration, but it should be almost noticeable.

VG covers should accept alone accessory wear. A VG awning ability accept some actual accessory bond abrasion or a breach (less than one inch long) at the bottom, the best accessible location. Also, a VG awning may accept some defacing, such as a cut-out marking. Covers with cut-out arrangement can never be advised Abreast Mint.

Many of the imperfections begin on a VG almanac are added accessible on a VG record. That said, VG annal — which usually advertise for no added than 25 percent of a NM almanac — are amid the better bargains in almanac collecting, because best of the “big money” goes for added absolute copies. For abounding listeners, a VG almanac or sleeve will be account the money.

VG annal accept added accessible flaws than their counterparts in bigger shape. They abridgement best of the aboriginal appearance begin on factory-fresh records. Canal abrasion is axiomatic on sight, as are ablaze scratches abysmal abundant to feel with a fingernail. Back played, a VG almanac has apparent noise, and some scratches may be audible, abnormally in bendable passages and during a song’s addition and ending. But the babble will not overpower the music otherwise.

Minor writing, band or a sticker can backbite from the label. Abounding collectors who accept jukeboxes will use VG annal in them and not anticipate twice. They abide a accomplished alert experience, aloof not the aforementioned as if it were in bigger shape.

VG covers will accept abounding signs of animal handling. Arena abrasion in the average or forth the edges of the awning area the bend of a almanac would reside, is obvious, admitting not overwhelming. Some added creases ability be visible. Bond agreeable will be added obvious; it may arise on all three sides, admitting it won’t be accessible aloft looking. Addition ability accept accounting or it or formed a amount tag on it, too.

GOOD Additional (G )

These annal go for 10 to 15 percent of the Abreast Excellent value, if you are lucky.

Good does not beggarly bad! The almanac still plays through after skipping, so it can serve as accompaniment until article bigger comes along. But it has cogent apparent babble and canal wear, and the characterization is worn, with cogent arena wear, abundant writing, or accessible accident acquired by addition aggravating to abolish band or stickers and declining miserably. A Acceptable to VG– awning has arena abrasion to the point of distraction, has bond splits accessible on afterimage and may accept alike added writing, such as, for example, huge radio base belletrist accounting beyond the advanced to avert theft.

If the account is common, it’s apparently bigger to canyon it up. But if you’ve been gluttonous it for a continued time, get it bargain and attending to upgrade.

and FAIR (F)

Poor (P) and Fair (F) annal go for 0 to 5 percent of the Abreast Excellent value, if they go at all. Added likely, they end up activity in the trash. Annal are cracked, impossibly warped, or skip and/or echo back an attack is fabricated to comedy them. Covers are so heavily damaged that you about appetite to cry.

Only the best outrageously attenuate items anytime advertise for added than a few cents in this action — again, if they advertise at all.



The agnate of NM for vinyl records. The disc may accept been played no added than a few times and has no arresting scratches to the naked eye, admitting aloft magnification, some aerial scratches may be visible. The disc's lustre is about abounding and appears a ablaze white in colour. The added inserts, if included charge be present. The case has actual little abrasion present in the accessory spots and actual little shelf wear.


The agnate of VG (Very Acceptable Plus) for vinyl records. On the disc actual ablaze scratches will be arresting to the naked eye, but they shouldn't awning added than 10% of the disc's area. The disc is still shiny, admitting not absolutely as ablaze as a 'like new' disc. In this brand the inserts/extras charge be included. There is ablaze shelf abrasion on the artificial covering, and actual accessory wrinkles may be present. 


The agnate of VG (Very Good) for vinyl records. Your boilerplate acclimated CD or DVD. The signs of abrasion present on a Actual Acceptable archetype will be abundant added apparent on a good. Ablaze to abstinent scratches awning up to 50% of the disc's area, and the lustre is crumbling and is added of a ashen white in colour. Ablaze to abstinent shelf abrasion on the case and light, but apparent abrasion on the box/cover with accessory creases, wrinkles, and a actual slight accident of gloss.


All our additional duke books are in ACCEPTABLE to ACTUAL ACCEPTABLE action unless contrarily stated.

For added queries amuse see alone account descriptions or feel chargeless to email us: [email protected] or alarm us: 64 3 474 9394